5 Ways to Link your CRM Data to Print

11/20/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

In today’s digital age, merging traditional print marketing with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data superpowers your customer experiences and improved ROI. As marketing experts, we’ve observed the transformative power firsthand. 

Your current CRM data is critical to your business success, clean it up! Too many companies survive with poor CRM data, take time to review, deduplicate, refresh and cleanse your client list, company names, addresses, contacts, and roles, this is the easiest way to create active sales opportunities. Your mom used to nag you to clean your room, we’re nagging you to clean your CRM! 

Here’s how to strategically integrate your existing CRM data and print:

  1. Personalize for Impact:
    Generic print materials yield generic impact. With your CRM data at your fingertips, tailor your print marketing to the recipient. Personalized messages can increase engagement, ensuring your print materials aren’t just seen, but also acted upon. Think names on direct mail pieces or custom offers based on previous purchases.

  2. Harness Automated Triggers:
    Your CRM can be set up to automatically initiate print marketing based on specific actions or milestones. Did a customer just hit a one-year anniversary with your brand? Automate a personalized thank-you card. This creates timely, relevant touchpoints that resonate.

  3. Segment, Then Target: 
    Use CRM insights to segment your audience for print campaigns. If your data shows a group of customers who love sustainable products, send them a brochure on your latest sustainable offerings (produced sustainably). By targeting specific interests and behaviors, your print materials become more relevant and engaging.

  4. Track & Iterate:
    Every print piece can and should be tracked within your CRM through QR, PURLs or codes. When a customer responds to an offer, logs a complaint, or makes a purchase, mark this against the corresponding print campaign. This data is gold, allowing you to refine future strategies for greater efficacy.

  5. QR Codes – The Digital Bridge:
     Integrate QR codes in your print materials. When scanned, they can lead to a specific webpage, video, or offer, and with the right CRM setup, every click is a Micro Data point. This not only provides actionable insights but also seamlessly connects your print and digital efforts.

CRM isn’t just for digital marketing. When integrated with print, it can amplify your reach, personalize experiences, and provide actionable and intuitive Micro Data. 

Great news, Mitchell can assist with your data and turn it into actionable marketing material! Request a quote or send us your project idea to learn more.

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