Cheviot Case Study

11/24/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Project28 + Mitchell + Cheviot:

Rendering data into print, and back again.


Cheviot Products, an esteemed manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures, connects North American homeowners with global cultures, traditions, and artisan manufacturing techniques. When Cheviot handed the reins of their anticipated print catalog production to Mitchell in 2020, unforeseen design delays emerged. These delays were due to the transit of their Europe-manufactured products, effectively halting product photography. Offering a non-traditional solution, Mitchell proposed that our web development team Project28 create incredibly lifelike 3D interactive renderings of the tubs and sinks prior to their shipment. This unprecedented move allowed Cheviot to produce the catalog, and kickstart product sales in advance of the actual product arrival.

The Opportunity

Working hand-in-hand with Mitchell, Project28 rendered multiple key product images into strikingly realistic reproductions. These images were then optimized for integration into Cheviot’s catalog, website, and, notably, their brand-new eCommerce portal on Wayfair.

Wayfair’s tech team expressed their satisfaction with the images, stating, “The photos are very well-tailored to our algorithms preferences.” This validation resulted in organic enhancements on their pages.

The Result

Today, three years forward, Mitchell and Project28 continue to provide multi-channel marketing solutions for Cheviot’s expanding product range. This includes the development of their eCommerce website, the strategic application of data to inform their marketing strategy, and an ongoing increase in the ROI on their printed catalog. What’s more, using a solution focused mindset, Mitchell was able to leverage our technology to unearth problems our client didn’t even realize existed. The tangible results are impressive: a two-fold increase in conversion rates, a significant  drop in malware attacks, and rise in website traffic.

We’ve always had a website, but no one before has asked us, ‘How do you want your users to interact with your website?’ Mitchell’s data-driven, incremental strategy isn’t typical in our industry. This approach made our marketing investments more targeted and measurable, allowing us to manage risk more effectively. Working with Mitchell has been a rewarding experience in utilizing big data and understanding its application across all our brand touchpoints.

– Jameell Amlani, President of Cheviot Products
What’s Next

Our clients, like Cheviot Products, depend on the expert data analysis offered by Mitchell and Project28 to decipher their digital visitor’s behavior. Together, we outline the goals and target the data that informs their multi-platform marketing strategy. Let’s discover the untapped potential of your brand next.

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