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Yes! Whether it’s images, text, or even barcodes, we can do it all! Guidelines are available, so talk to your MITCHELL representative for more information.

We offer every type of offset print so will recommend the best method to suit your budget, timeline, and vision. If you desire one method over another, let us know. Let’s talk.

No way, we can access a wide range of beautiful paper stocks, gloss, matte, dull, Uncoated, offset, opaque, recycled, and even agriculture waste wheat straw paper products. Let us show you.

Oh yea, we love 100% post-consumer recycled stocks and make them look amazing. We can also offer a wide array of FSC® Certified stocks with various percentages of post-consumer recycled content.

We think printing today is pretty environmentally progressive, paper is a renewable resource, we harness and eliminate any chemistry, and we recycle EVERYTHING. Did we mention we’re ranked #3 in North America for our sustainable practices? Learn more about our sustainable practices HERE.

Fundamentally, the largest difference is between the types of adhesive used in the binding process.  Perfect binding uses Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) adhesives whereas (PUR) uses Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives.

The PUR adhesive offers superior adhesion over EVA and also the ability for the bound book to
lay flat without compromising the binding strength.  The polar nature of polyurethane molecules allows them to adhere to UV-cured coatings, and films, as well as traditional uncoated and clay-coated papers.

Due to PUR using smaller amounts of adhesive over perfect binding, it also means that you can
achieve a square spine on even the thinnest of books.  PUR glue is more durable and flexible than EVA glue and, once the glue has set, it is almost impossible to tear a page out of a PUR-bound book. EVA hot melt glues still have their place in book-binding, especially when it comes to binding thread-sewn books, as the thicker glue allows for greater penetration into the spine area of the folded sections.

MITCHELL boasts a complete bindery and finishing department, complete with PUR Perfect Binding, Hybrid EVA short run Perfect Binding, Stitching, Coil, Wire O, poly-bagging, shrink wrapping, round cornering, drilling, and cutting. Other high-end finishing includes case binding, rigid box making, side sewing, grommets, eyelets, and the list goes on. Lesser used types are Front or Face Sewing, Japanese Binding, Swiss Binding, Plastic Coil, Rivets, Eyelets, + Chicago Screws.

It used to be reserved for huge runs of 10,000 – 1,000,000. Our team has it down to a science
so we run small and mid-size runs as well. Bottom line is, let us know what your project is and we’ll use the most appropriate colour technology and capability to suit your budget, timeline, and vision.

A varnish is an embellishment that protects and enhances your project, it can be gloss, matte, or satin finish. A varnish is typically applied in a traditional printing unit. A coating is similar to a varnish but is applied on a specialized unit at the end of a press that can lay a much thicker and more robust film of material on the sheet.

The main difference is speed and finishing, Heat Set web uses heat to “flash off” any moisture in the inks to “Set” it on the sheet, allowing us to produce ultra-high-speed, high-quality offset printing on huge 3,000+lb rolls of paper and exiting the press as pre-folded signatures ready to bind. Sheet-fed offset
uses cut sheets of paper fed into one end of the press, printed, flipped over, fed back into the press, then sent to bindery to cut, fold, and then bind. Our Heat set web is an astonishing 210 lines of screen per inch print fidelity. No matter what we print on, it’s all meticulously managed under the strict IdeaAlliance G7 colour management protocol so your brand colours are safe and secure with us.

Yes, the NexFinity prints Gold metallic inks as well as a metallic clear that can be combined with
any other color to create magical tints and special effects.

Yes! When printing on dark substrates, amazing effects can be created. Discuss your ideas with your Sales Representative for more information.

Yes! There are a variety of options available. Spot clear, Protection Coat and Glass Coat are to name a few… Want something extra special? Try our Raised Dimensional to give your piece that extra tactile feel.

Pantone inks are used to match a very specific color. Sometimes for large-area ink coverage, it
works best. It all depends on the nature and size of your project. We may have a solution to “simulate” the Pantone with CMYK or CMYK and a custom digital embellishment. Let us know more details and we’ll recommend the best option for your project, your vision, and your budget.

Millions of Nanoink droplets are precisely placed on a large heated transfer blanket, and the
moisture is removed by exposure to heat and the resulting polymer film is then transferred onto the paper substrate much like a really high-end T-shirt transfer. The resulting image is permanently bonded to the substrate with incredible quality and clarity.

Yes! With this addition of gamut-expanding Red, Green, and Blue, almost any Pantone colour can
be matched. In fact, the Landa Nanoinks can achieve up to 96% of the Pantone library using the unmatched CMYKOGB nano inkset.

Yes, the Landa has conventional UV or Aqueous coatings, providing the ability to enhance any project.

The Landa is groundbreaking print technology that combines the quality and speeds of the
finest sheetfed press with the variability and flexibility of digital. Benny Landa invented the Indigo Press and then sold it to HP, for years the industry benchmark of quality. 12 years later, the Landa is in full production, the only B1 format fully variable inkjet device available.  Printing 6,500 sheets per hour with astonishing quality and EVERY SHEET CAN BE COMPLETELY UNIQUE!

Our team of expert advisors will provide you with options that best suit your project and desired outcomes. Simply let us know your vision, quantities, and targets, and we will provide options designed to match your vision, budget, and timeframes.

Bleed refers to an extra 1/8” of the image or background color that extends beyond the trim area of your printing piece. The project is printed on an oversized sheet that is then cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the paper. This makes sure there are no white edges showing on the final trimmed piece. It is important that the trim marks are outside the 1/8″ of bleed.

The best way to produce crossovers is by using facing pages in your document layout program. The imposition software will take care of the center-grind for perfect bound books.

The best way to produce crossovers is by using facing pages in your document layout program.

A proof allows you to review your artwork before we print it. This can be both a digital or printed copy of your work.

For Offset
Printing, we offer three different proofs to approve:

First, a “soft proof” or high-resolution PDF. In some cases, our clients feel this will be enough information for their job to print and does not require a printed proof. Note, that for an accurate soft proof, you must have a properly calibrated screen to review colour.

Second, the digital content proof which comes to you folded into individual forms and trimmed to the final size. This low-resolution proof is for you to make sure the pages are in the correct order, the page size is correct and nothing is being trimmed off that is not supposed to.

Third, our high-resolution Gracol verified contract colour proof for approval of critical colour. The importance of this proof is for you to double-check that nothing has gone wrong with the files, the colour and design elements look right after going through our rip processing.

No, not that kind of creep! In printing, a “Creep” is caused when you have a saddle stitched book
that is over 48 pages, or printing on thicker paper. As the printed signatures are folded down and nested within each other, the thickness of the sheets will push out the inside pages. When the book is trimmed to the final size the inner pages will be smaller than the cover pages. The imposition software compensates for this by scaling the center of most pages so that nothing gets pushed out closer to the trim. You do not need to adjust your files, your amazing printer will do that for you!

For offset projects, just click on the portal login on our website or HERE and you will be able to login to our InSite server.

For digital projects or Landa projects please send collect files via a secure service such as WeTransfer.

Ideally, your working files and we’ll handle the prep work. The Landa is unique because it is capable to print from an RGB file, we can do the conversion or let the press to the conversion for incredibly vibrant colours. If you have a special project you think will benefit from the planet’s latest print innovation, let us know.

We accept almost anything! If you can give us press-ready PDFs, or better yet, your Working Files, we can handle the Prep work for you to make sure we produce what you’re looking for. Please connect with our team for an informational PDF.

We have a handy “tips for creating great print files” sheet we would be happy to send you. Pls
send us a request and we’ll send it to you.

Yes, we do. Our Digital division has a very capable graphic design department, capable of creating everything from brand identities, and magazine design, to prototyping and special projects.

How fast is greased lightning? We have an incredibly fast and efficient workflow. Tell us what you need, and we’ll have a solution for you.

We would ask you to fill in as much information on our Request for Quote section: dimensions, number of pages, what colours you want, what kind of paper, quantities, and what desires you hope to fulfill.

To begin, contact us below for an introduction. From there, you can start browsing your tailored Mitchell Storefront to being your printing needs.

You can order a wide range of print products, including business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, posters, stationery, promotional materials, and more. Our platform offers a variety of customizable options to meet your specific printing needs.

Yes, you can! We offer the option to upload your own print-ready artwork. If you need design assistance, our team can help you create or modify your designs to ensure they meet printing requirements.

We provide a wide selection of paper types, finishes (e.g., gloss, matte), and various sizes to choose from. You can customize these options during the ordering process to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team experienced in handling complex projects and large-scale orders. We’re here to ensure your company’s printing needs are met with expertise and care online.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have as you get started with our platform.

Yes, Storefronts By Mitchell allows seamless ordering of promotional items and print materials. Our system supports various formats and customization options, ensuring that your
promotional products and print materials aligns perfectly with your brand messaging

Our system provides real-time approval proofs, 24/7 ordering capabilities, efficient inventory management, and streamlined order processing to minimize delays.
This allows you to save valuable time in executing your go-to-market strategies. By freeing up time spent on administrative tasks, you can concentrate on enhancing
various aspects of your business for further growth and success.”

No programming knowledge is needed to operate and manage your Storefront. Our dedicated support team will take care of the necessary technical tasks along with help guide you through
the process. Managing your Storefront is hassle-free with our user-friendly interfaces, ensuring ease of use for seamless navigation and efficient management.

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