What is a proof and why do I need it?

09/04/20 | Published By Glen Ngo

A proof allows you to review your artwork before we print it. This can be both a digital or printed copy of your work.

For Offset
Printing, we offer three different proofs to approve:

First, a “soft proof” or high-resolution PDF. In some cases, our clients feel this will be enough information for their job to print and does not require a printed proof. Note, that for an accurate soft proof, you must have a properly calibrated screen to review colour.

Second, the digital content proof which comes to you folded into individual forms and trimmed to the final size. This low-resolution proof is for you to make sure the pages are in the correct order, the page size is correct and nothing is being trimmed off that is not supposed to.

Third, our high-resolution Gracol verified contract colour proof for approval of critical colour. The importance of this proof is for you to double-check that nothing has gone wrong with the files, the colour and design elements look right after going through our rip processing.

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