IMO – Are incandescent lightbulbs like conventional printing?

09/13/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

IMO – Are incandescent lightbulbs like conventional printing?

The recent news out of the US that stores can no longer sell most incandescent lights serves as a striking parallel to the profound shifts that have taken place in print technology. Incandescent light bulbs, once the standard, are gradually phased out and replaced by more energy-efficient alternatives like LEDs. We are witnessing a transition. This is akin to the evolution from traditional lithography to Landa’s Nanographic® Printing in the printing industry. Both transitions signal the relentless march of technological innovation that disrupts the status quo. Because of this, there are far-reaching implications for consumers, businesses, and the broader economy.

The move from lithography to Nanography®, much like the phasing out of incandescent lights, is a paradigm shift powered by the quest for efficiency, sustainability, and cost effectiveness. Nanography® is transforming the printing industry; increasing print quality and speed, reducing costs, and lowering environmental impact. Similarly, it mirrors the way LED and other advanced lighting technologies are reshaping our illumination landscape. In both cases, the core technology that has served us for a century or more is being “sidelined”. Consequently, it is making room for superior solutions that better cater to our modern needs, personalization, and aspirations. While we don’t condone a hardline ‘out with the old, in with the new’ philosophy, this represents a disruptive mindset that drives the incredible change and adaptation in communication.

It should be noted that Canada started phasing out incandescent bulbs in 2014, does that mean we’re ahead of the printing curve too?

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

Talk with us, you be the judge.

Link NYT article.

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