IMO – Genuine Sustainability – Is Your Business Talking Green or Being Green? We Dare You to Decide

09/28/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Today’s business landscape is awash in a sea of green – but how much of it is merely on the surface, and how much runs deep into your roots? Is it genuine sustainability? Fortune 500 companies now push sustainability to the forefront of their operations, holding greater value in sustainability initiatives of their partners, but are they and their partners truly walking the walk?

We are not here to throw out surface hype. Mitchell’s commitment to sustainability, evident from our actions, is genuine. We’ve set ambitious targets, like ensuring no less than 95% of our paper purchased is FSC® Certified. Not just because it sounds good, but because it matters that we harvest from well-managed, sustainable resources.

Working with PrintReleaf isn’t a well-framed PR strategy. It’s a tangible promise to offset 100% of the paper we use with certified global reforestation efforts, where it counts. And while we test innovations like agricultural fiber content alternative paper, our recycling goals are robust than ever, and constantly evolving.

But here’s our challenge to you: Look at your operations. Examine your partners. Are they merely speaking sustainability, or can you see, touch, and feel their commitment? Can they do better? Can YOU do better?

Mitchell’s transparency is crystal clear, you will see with our upcoming 2023 Sustainability Report. But what about your partners?

We’re not just asking you to do this because it’s the “right” thing to do. We’re daring you to question the status quo, re-evaluate your partnerships, and actively participate in building a genuinely sustainable future. Are you in, or are you just another shade of green?

That’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray

Executive Vice President

Speak with your trusted partner, Mitchell, who authentically wants help your genuine sustainability journey.

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