IMO – Innovative Marketing – Why default to “tried n’ true” in today’s business?

10/13/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

It’s surprising, from the perspective of a leading visual communication technology provider, to witness print buyers, marketing managers, and C-Suite decision-makers remain tethered to traditional print technology. This is despite the availability of proven, sustainable, and trustworthy technologies that promise enhanced results, cost-saving efficiencies, and significant opportunities for growth. Such inertia can often be attributed to the comfort of long-standing relationships (a good thing), fear of change (a comfortable thing), or simply a lack of awareness (a bad thing) of the substantial benefits these modern technologies can bring.

We view this reluctance to adapt as a crucial gap in strategic thinking. We are standing on the brink of a technological revolution in the Visual Communication industry. By embracing these innovative solutions, not only can marketing strategies be significantly optimized, but businesses can also advance their sustainability objectives and unlock unforeseen growth potential. We urge print buyers, marketing managers, and C-suite decision-makers to re-evaluate their traditional approaches and join Mitchell in this era of disruption. The future belongs to those who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and capitalize on the endless possibilities that cutting-edge, reliable technology can offer. The time to act is now.

That’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

Let’s discuss how to reshape the future of Visual Communications.

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