IMO – “British Printing survey: concerns over competitors pricing below cost”

09/06/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

The recent concerns raised in the “British Printing Industries Federation Printing Outlook survey” about competitors pricing below cost is indicative of an ‘old way of thinking’. This mindset, focused on undercutting competition to secure business, overlooks the opportunity for growth through innovation and expansion to meet new market demands. The potential for technological advancements like Landa’s Nanographic® technology and customization tools such as ink jetting is vast. Yet, many in the print industry remain mired in the past, hesitant to venture into the unfamiliar territory of these disruptive technologies.

What we must do today is to foster an environment that encourages innovation, paving the way for the printing industry to meet the growing requirements of the evolving market. It’s no longer about simply providing printing “stuff”. Rather, it’s about leveraging emerging technologies such as Nanography® and ink jetting to offer tailored, high-quality products that solve communication problems for customers. By understanding and embracing these new technologies, printers can transition from being mere service providers to become integral partners in their clients’ success, driving growth and profitability in the process. The printing industry needs to shed its old skin of cost-cutting competition, instead focusing on innovation, expansion and adding tangible ROI for their clients. This shift is not just desirable, but a necessity for future growth and survival.

Pricing below cost? No, let’s price to get ROI.

But that’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

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Link to PrintWeek article Printing Outlook survey: concerns over competitors pricing below cost

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