IMO – Safe Print Advertising – Do you trust Bots over paper?

10/03/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

In an era of bots and digital manipulation, the trust factor associated with print advertising is experiencing a resurgence. Digital advertising grapples with challenges such as malicious bots that skew metrics, perpetuate disinformation, compromise privacy, and potentially tarnish brand reputations. In contrast, print advertising continues to offer a perception of authenticity and truth that’s deeply ingrained in consumer consciousness.

This isn’t to dismiss the importance of digital advertising, but rather to emphasize the contrast in trust levels. The use of bots, when misused in the digital landscape, accentuates the need for transparency and quality to safeguard and rebuild the trust in digital ads. On the other hand, the tangible, personalized nature of print advertising is seen as trustworthy, thereby circumventing many of the issues faced by its digital counterpart. The future of advertising calls for a well-calibrated blend of both digital and print strategies. Of course, this is underpinned by a commitment to authenticity, to optimize consumer trust and engagement.

That’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

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