IMO – Variable Content – I’ll bet you didn’t even know this was possible. Print working WITH Digital?

09/21/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Why are so many businesses not harnessing the full power of today’s digital printing technology? Let’s be honest , it’s exasperating to see companies settle for sub-par campaigns when there’s a powerhouse of engagement at their fingertips: Full-variable content.

Versioning, while useful in its own right, only scratches the surface of what’s achievable. With “full-variable” content, businesses have the opportunity to produce entirely unique prints that speak to each individual, reflecting their personal preferences, behaviours, and history. The stark difference is between presenting generalized content and crafting tailored messages that resonate personally with the consumer. So, why are businesses today failing to seize this monumental opportunity when the technology exists right here and now?

Larger format digital printing, when employed with the latest technological advancements, offers unparalleled precision and visual impact. This isn’t just about colorful prints but impactful, meaningful, and personalized engagements. Adaptability with diverse substrates and the rapidity of production, especially in the realm of full-variable content, can take campaigns from mediocre to rock star. It’s time that businesses, whether out of inertia or ignorance, move past their hesitations and fully embrace what today’s modern digital printing has to offer.

The numbers don’t lie. Recent data shows that 86% of consumers open mail tailored to them. 74% consistently engage with personalized mail advertisements, a motivation boost of 20% over generic digital campaigns. When businesses incorporate the depth of direct mail, marrying it with digital strategies, consumer engagement surges by a whopping 39%! The potential of direct mail, especially when leveraged through full-variable content, is evident: a recent surge showed 47% of recipients making store visits and an incredible 90% open rate, leaving the 23% of typical email marketing in the dust.

Direct Mail’s Wake-Up Call:

  • Tailored mail garners an 86% open rate.
  • Physical mail has a motivational edge, 20% over digital.
  • Direct mail recently pushed 47% recipients to stores.

It’s time businesses question their strategies. With tools like full-variable content waiting to be deployed, and backed by the mastery of entities like Mitchell, the potential for transformative multi-channel direct mail campaigns is undeniable.

But that’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

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