Mitchell Wins at 2023 Canadian Printing Awards

11/16/23 | Published By Angela Campbell
News Release – Mitchell recognized in (5) top categories at 2023 Canadian Print Awards.

November 16, 2023
Mitchell Press, Burnaby, BC.

Celebrating the best in Canadian Print communication, Mitchell was recognized in (5) top categories at the 17th annual Canadian Print Awards held in Toronto on Nov 9, 2023.

  • Winner – Best Magazine Web Offset – Taste Magazine.
  • Winner – Best Print Production – The Hip Trip.
  • Winner – Most Sustainable Printing Company – Mitchell.
  • Winner – Best of Show – The Hip Trip.
  • Emerging Leader of the Year – AJ Rai, Vice President of Sales

Scott Gray, EVP says “We are honoured by our Industry peers judging not only the work, but our culture, and commitment to sustainable print.” He adds, “None of this happens without our clients and partners working in sync and telling us what they need to succeed.”

Taste Magazine – Best Magazine Web Offset, Taste Magazine remains a flagship publication of the BCLDB and continues to be a multiple award winner year over year.

Mitchell’s The Hip Trip Kit – Best Print Production, and Best of Show, created as a promotional project for Canada’s first Landa Nanographic® Press, highlighting it’s unique capabilities of expanded gamut, PANTONE® matching, variable print, and the ability to print on any off the shelf substrate with no pre-treatment.

The jury found The Hip Trip Kit to be “a great combination of fun design and finishing, excellent execution with complex components and unique features. Excellent printing using new technology; Great use of multiple techniques to showcase the company’s capabilities in a multi-piece package. Amazing quality, where paper selection and ink saturation outperform the conventional.”

Mitchell – Most Sustainable Printing Company – this win goes right to the heart of Mitchell’s values; it impacts all aspects of our business.

Garry Gunter, President comments “Winning The Most Sustainable Printing Company is a testament to our entire team, their commitment to sustainable innovation and habitually doing the small things that count, every day.” Adding “AJ’s Emerging Leader of the Year award shows the industry is open to thinking of print in different ways.”

Mitchell is a locally owned visual communication company headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Calgary, Alberta, and Portland, Oregon. The Mitchell Group consists of Mitchell, Project28 digital web development, and Pacific Bindery and Trade Services.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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