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Design Teams: Creative Impact / Impact Investing

This Design Teams initiative was created in partnership with Carter Hales, and written by Aaron Bernardi. Creative Impact / Impact Investing is a publication exploring five entrepreneurs, two socially-minded investors, and Upstart Co-Lab’s role as a catalyst of conscious capital in the art world. The project was inspired by the idea that good design solves problems, makes our lives more fulfilling, and elevates a creative economy.

About The Project

Mitchell joined forces with Upstart CoLab, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in NYC, and our local friends Carter Hales Design Lab, to call attention to entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to making money with meaning in the creative economy. The resulting beautifully illustrated, designed, and custom-printed book, titled Creative Impact/Impact Investing, aims to enlighten, inform, and inspire entrepreneurs, investors, and design teams. The project is rooted in the shared beliefs that great design solves problems that matter, and that values-aligned capital can help bring those solutions to scale.

With today’s challenges, well-thought communication design is more relevant than ever.

Mitchells’ Design Teams asks the question: “How can Design Teams leverage the mindfulness of design for the greater good?” Our collaborative platform was created by Mitchell to encourage creatives to share their vision of how design can do good.

This book celebrates the power of design and print, creating a platform for equally powerful stories. Read about two investors and five entrepreneurs who understand the power of art, design, culture and heritage to drive social and environmental change:

Please take heart, design continues to impact our lives every day.


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