5 Ways to Leverage Variability in Direct Mail

11/20/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Direct mail, when executed with precision, can be one of the most impactful tools in a marketer’s arsenal. In the age of digital noise, tangible, personalized mail stands out. As direct marketing experts, We’ve seen the power of leveraging variability in direct mail campaigns, and here’s how businesses can make the most out of it:

  1. Personalized Messaging:
    People respond to their names. It’s a fundamental principle of psychology. Instead of generic “Dear Customer” salutations, use the recipient’s name and, if possible, reference past interactions. This makes your message resonate on a personal level. With today’s print technology, crafting custom messages for each recipient is both feasible and affordable.

  2. Segment and Tailor:
    Different audiences have different needs and preferences. By segmenting your mailing list based on criteria like purchase history, demographics, or location, you can tailor designs and offers that appeal directly to each segment. For instance, a younger demographic might respond to a vibrant design while a more mature group might prefer something subtle and classic.

  3. Timeliness Matters: 
     If a customer just browsed a particular product on your website or if there’s an anniversary of their first purchase, it’s an opportunity. Craft follow-up communications, or even personalized direct mail offers. It shows you’re attentive and value the relationship.

  4. Localization is Key: 
    Generic content has its place, but there’s nothing quite like the power of localization. If you have stores in multiple locations, craft mailers that speak to the local community, highlight local events, or offer region-specific discounts. It creates a community feel and reinforces your brand’s local presence.

  5. Always Be Testing:
    Even with a wealth of data, predicting customer behavior isn’t an exact science. Employ A/B testing for your direct mail campaigns. Send two versions of a mailer, each with different designs, headlines, or offers. Track the response rate for each and use the insights to refine your next campaign.

To conclude, variability in direct mail isn’t just about customization—it’s about resonance. By crafting messages that speak directly to the recipient’s needs, preferences, and history with your brand, you drastically increase the odds of engagement and conversion. As the digital world becomes more crowded, thoughtful direct mail can give businesses a distinct edge.

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