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Canopy Blueline Report 2018: ranked #3 amongst North America’s Largest Commercial Printers for Sustainable practices.

In 2007 we grew into our new custom-built, award winning 64,000 sq. ft. plant, designed from the ground up to consider sustainable use of power, heat and flow of work. And, believing that “it’s the right thing to do”, we developed a comprehensive zero waste in-house recycling program that has become a showcase of sustainable leadership.

In 2017, Mitchell Press partnered with Climate Smart to measure and inventory our carbon footprint and create a benchmark for our sustainable performance for years to come. We have created a baseline and are proud to publish our first Mitchell Press Ltd Sustainability Report right here.

Mitchell is committed to developing social and sustainable solutions for our clients to help their brands work with our environment.

Here are some highlights of our ongoing Environmental Mitigation Strategy

Recycle everything

Paper, plastic, wood, metal, electronics, organic waste, and unused inks are all recycled responsibly. We demonstrate innovative leadership in the circular economy by establishing a zero-waste program where possible. This includes ensuring all of our paper, ink, plastic, wood, metal, electronics are processed by recycling partners that eliminate those products from the landfill.


We advise our clients on environmental best practices for publications, work to ensure minimal waste and reduced footprint and encourage sustainably managed paper choices.

Our Mitchell Digital Print Division was launched in 2017 to provide print-on-demand services, eliminate unnecessary waste, and enable more strategic print management for our clients. All of our house paper stocks are FSC-Certified.

Our Digital Storefront reduces internal handling and external transportation costs for proofing and saves time and energy by empowering our clients to manage their own recurring work from their desk.

Eco Audits enable our clients to find out how much energy, water and trees were saved during the printing of their project. We track paper use and source %PCW and FSC for our clients.

We promote inclusion and diversity within our organization.


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified by the Rainforest Alliance (FSC® C011267):

FSC® certification offers the option to choose paper that has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Founded in 1993 in response to concerns about deforestation, the “Rainforest Alliance Certified™” seal of approval assures consumers that they are buying a sustainable product.

Ancient and Endangered Forests: We actively support responsible forestry. Mitchell Press is working with not-for-profit Canopy to encourage governments and the forestry sector to support and advance protection of the world’s ancient and endangered forests. We are committed and proud to contribute to the creation of conservation legacies in these landscapes of hope. To learn more about these initiatives, click on the blue hyperlinks.

Forest Hotspots: Mitchell Press is conscious of the impacts of sourcing decisions on endangered species, high conservation value forests, communities and climate, in places like the Boreal and Broadback Forest, Coastal Temperate Rainforests and Indonesian Rainforests. We are working closely with not-for-profit Canopy on policy implementation to ensure we carefully assess our fibre sourcing to avoid ancient and endangered forest regions.

Second Harvest: Mitchell Press is committed to the conservation of the world’s ancient and endangered forest ecosystems. As part of that commitment, we strongly support the North American commercial scale development of pulp, paper and packaging alternatives that are derived from agricultural residues such as wheat straw as a way to diversity the fibre basket and meet our continued need for high quality, cost effective products.

As part of Mitchell Press’s ongoing support of Canopy’s ForestMapper map of global Ancient and Endangered Forests, we support the creation of a science-based conservation planning process, and advocate for the establishment of moratoria in priority ecosystems including, but not limited to, rare ecosystem types and endangered species habitat.

For more information please see:

A Quick Guide to Ancient and Endangered Forests

Why Ancient & Endangered Forests are Irreplaceable

How to Work with Forest Mapper

Mitchell’s Trusted Partner Program ensures that all of our supply chain sub-trades, suppliers and partners work to the same code of ethics and environmental standards as we do.

Mitchell’s paper procurement policy provides guidelines for purchasing environmentally progressive paper. Our key goals are to conserve and protect Ancient and Endangered Forests, provide preference for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) papers and reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. (To view our full paper procurement policy, click here.)


PowerSmart Partners: Mitchell Press is a leader in energy management and met BC Hydro’s “PowerSmart” program requirements in developing our energy-efficient facility.

Physical Plant: Our facility was constructed to exceptionally high building standards and includes a thermal roof liner, intelligent energy consumption and hyper efficient workflows. The high efficiency lighting in our office has motion sensors to turn off lights automatically when not required, and our office carpets are made of 25% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Vegetable Inks: We use vegetable-based nominal VOC inks and UV coatings. Leftover inks are further down-cycled for use in newspaper inks.

Save Water: Process-free Kodak SONORA printing plates save thousands of litres of water each year and virtually eliminate chemistry in the plate development process.

Eliminate Solvents: Process-free plates enable us to eliminate chemistry from plate making altogether. This means that no toxic chemicals enter our eco-system – ever.

Use Waste as Fuel: Our afterburners use solvents from the printing ink as fuel, enabling us to consume less gas and still destroy 99.9% of the volatile organic compounds.

Divert Air Compressor Heat: Air compressor heat is diverted into the plant for secondary heating during winter.

Reduce Power Consumption: Our press chiller reduces power consumption by cooling water in rooftop units, using ambient air temperature during the cooler months.

PrePress Automation: By using InSite Portal to preflight their own work, our clients save time, money and physical proofing, dramatically reducing the number of couriers and physical proofs.

Electronic or Alternate Proofing: More frequently, projects only require calibrated electronic PDF proofs and properly calibrated monitors, which further eliminates materials.  Alternatively, Mitchell DIGITAL can provide a color-calibrated finished book which reduces the need for costly proofing substrates.

Reduce Office Waste: Our plans focus on electronic billing/invoicing and programming output devices for maximum savings using high PCW paper.

Review Recycling Partners: We regularly review our recycling partners for compliance and best practices for continual improvement. We encourage our partners to bring us the newest technologies and processes to test, benchmark and implement.


Mitchell is Climate Smart Certified. We calculate our carbon emissions from energy, fuel, waste, transportation and other sources, and monitor our water consumption. We have established a baseline and are committed to year-over-year improvements. This certification aligns directly with Mitchell Press’s company values.

Environmental Award Winner. In both 2018 and 2019, Mitchell Press was the only Canadian printer awarded the Kodak SONORA Award for Environmental Excellence.

A Leader in Environmental Processes. Mitchell Press won Print Action’s industry award: “Most Environmentally Progressive Manufacturing Process.”

Our Sustainability Partners

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