Tree-Neutral Printing with PrintReleaf

05/24/24 | Published By Angela Campbell


By Holly Denson-Camp, Mitchell Sustainability Specialist

In June of 2023, Mitchell embarked on a journey with PrintReleaf, an endeavour aimed at offsetting the tree biomass consumed through our printing practices. This partnership has allowed us to take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability and set an example within the printing industry. As of April 2024, we have already planted over 90,000 trees with PrintReleaf. This shows our commitment beyond printing; we’re actively striving to become a tree-neutral printer. But what does tree-neutral really mean?

Working with PrintReleaf

Working with PrintReleaf, we are issued a future biomass credit for the paper we use. This credit is then translated into planting trees within PrintReleaf-certified forests, ensuring a measurable and impactful approach. These trees are nurtured until they mature, generating future fiber that offsets the amount of paper we’ve consumed. Effectively, for every tree harvested to produce the paper we use, a tree is planted through PrintReleaf and their certified partners, eventually achieving tree-neutrality.

Printing is often understood as a resource-intensive process, but our collaboration with PrintReleaf is helping to minimize that reality. Through our journey to tree-neutral printing, Mitchell is making a tangible, positive impact in reforestation locations. Whether you’re a business or an individual, conscious of the ecological implications of printing, our alliance with PrintReleaf is a catalyst for substantial change.

How does this impact our current and future clients?

When you choose Mitchell for your printing needs, it means more than just receiving a service; it means a partnership contributing to net positive environmental impact. Each print job is offset with certified reforestation initiatives, gradually becoming tree-neutral as these trees flourish. Our partnership with PrintReleaf signifies our dedication to minimizing the environmental footprint associated with printing – a sustainable choice that we and the wider market are increasingly prioritizing. In working with us, you can demonstrate to your audience the steps you’re taking to minimize your environmental impact contributing towards yours and your customer’s ESG targets.

Working together with Mitchell!

Join us in our journey towards tree-neutral printing. Every print job with Mitchell is not just a service; it’s a step towards a greener future. Embrace environmentally conscious printing practices by partnering with us. Let’s make a difference together.

Mitchell's Environmental Award 2023 held by Sustainability Specialist Holly Denson-Camp in front of a tree

Holly Denson-Camp, Mitchell’s Sustainability Specialist, earned her Bachelors in Environment & Sustainability from UBC. Passionate about implementing cutting-edge sustainable business strategies, she drives initiatives to reduce manufacturing-related carbon emissions. Holly leads internal environmental programs, transforming emissions tracking, improving recycling systems, and championing Mitchell’s ‘Green Team.’ She prioritizes honest reporting, rejecting greenwashing to foster a trusted partnership between Mitchell and its customers, solidifying the company’s commitment to a sustainable printing future.

Learn more about Mitchell’s sustainable practice on our Sustainability page

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