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11/28/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Part of the new Blog Series People, Planet & Print

By Holly Denson-Camp, Mitchell Sustainability Specialist

It’s an exciting time for Mitchell as we launch into a new era of our sustainability journey. In this age of rapidly changing best practices and technological advancements we’ve realized the urgent need to share an in-depth narrative of our sustainability ethos. As the world tackles this climate crisis, the printing industry and its partners have a responsibility to enact real, meaningful change. This is why we are choosing to launch People, Planet & Print – a recurring blog series where we will generate lively discussions and discourse around the printing industry’s role in environmental sustainability.

As our Sustainability Specialist, I will host these conversations to refocus our industry on People, Planet, & Print. Each element is an important force that cannot be neglected. We want to ensure that sustainability factors high in decision making, while also prioritizing relationship building, trust, partnership, and well-being among our team members and partners. At Mitchell, our guiding principle is producing excellence, together. But, producing excellence is more than print quality and production, it’s about creating connection and community to ensure networks for knowledge sharing.  A just transition to sustainable practices leaves no one behind, which is why we want to inspire everyone in our network – suppliers, clients, competitors, and team members – to follow suit.

With a background in environmental sustainability and climate action, I am driven by collective efforts towards sustainability, climate change communication, and a committed rejection of green washing. Consumers are demanding similar values in the companies they align themselves with – and we want to help our clients maximize that potential. My goal is for the printing industry to adopt more of these ideals, while understanding the benefits they can bring to the company, and to the customer. Sustainability lifts all who participate, and through these discussions I want our networks to further engage in ours and their own climate action.

We are also so excited to share that Mitchell was honored with the Most Environmentally Progressive Printer award at the Canadian Print Awards this November. This is another testament to the great sustainable work championed by Mitchell and is a tangible reminder that we remain leaders in this industry. And we’re only just getting started.

Mitchell Press Award for Most Environmental Progressive Printing Company from the Canadian Printing Awards 2023. Leaf shaped award is standing on concrete ground with leaves in background.

We hope that by sharing these dialogues we can lead by example and inspire ambitious actions from our community. Sustainability shouldn’t be an individual sport – we can all thrive by working together, realizing the collective benefits, and following through on committed action. We can’t print without engaging the planet, and we can’t save the planet without emboldening our people. People, Planet, & Print.

About the Author

Holly Denson-Camp, Mitchell’s Sustainability Specialist, earned her Bachelors in Environment & Sustainability from UBC. Passionate about implementing cutting-edge sustainable business strategies, she drives initiatives to reduce manufacturing-related carbon emissions. Holly leads internal environmental programs, transforming emissions tracking, improving recycling systems, and championing Mitchell’s ‘Green Team.’ She prioritizes honest reporting, rejecting greenwashing to foster a trusted partnership between Mitchell and its customers, solidifying the company’s commitment to a sustainable printing future.

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