What is the difference between heat-set web offset and sheetfed offset?

08/27/20 | Published By Glen Ngo

The main difference is speed and finishing, Heat Set web uses heat to “flash off” any moisture in the inks to “Set” it on the sheet, allowing us to produce ultra-high-speed, high-quality offset printing on huge 3,000+lb rolls of paper and exiting the press as pre-folded signatures ready to bind. Sheet-fed offset
uses cut sheets of paper fed into one end of the press, printed, flipped over, fed back into the press, then sent to bindery to cut, fold, and then bind. Our Heat set web is an astonishing 210 lines of screen per inch print fidelity. No matter what we print on, it’s all meticulously managed under the strict IdeaAlliance G7 colour management protocol so your brand colours are safe and secure with us.

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