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11/07/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Amplifying Marketing Outcomes with a Combined Printed Direct Mail and Digital Strategy

In our digitally saturated era, Printed Direct Mail provides a tangible, personalized experience that garners attention and trust. As per 2021 statistics, direct mail has seen a response rate of approximately 4-9% for house lists and 1-3% for prospect lists. The physical and personalized nature of direct mail provides a sense of personal touch that often proves to be less intrusive and more trustworthy than its digital counterparts. This is a factor of increasing importance in a climate where digital advertising’s trustworthiness faces scrutiny due to privacy and data security concerns.

While digital ads, offering precision targeting and real-time adaptability, report lower response rates—3.17% for search and 0.46% for display according to 2021’s Google Ads benchmarks—they shouldn’t be disregarded. The combined strength of both print and digital platforms can significantly enhance marketing outcomes and consumer retention. A multi-channel approach that leverages the personalization and trustworthiness of Printed Direct Mail, along with the accessibility and adaptability of digital technology, can create a robust, balanced marketing strategy. This enables you to better engage consumers across multiple touchpoints, increasing retention, enhancing outcomes, and yielding more significant overall success.

That’s just my opinion.

Scott Gray
Executive Vice President

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amplifying marketing outcomes

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