Mitchell Nexfinity PDF Preset

12/21/01 | Published By Angela Campbell

Use the settings and follow the steps below to export PDF files for Mitchell Digital printing using the ISO_v2 ICC profile. Please note, that these are specific to Mitchell Digital only, other presses and departments may have alternative Presets to follow.

  1. Download the ISO_v2 ICC profile here.
  2. Save the ICC profile in the “Adobe > Color >Profile” folder. For Macs this can be found in your computer volume then go to the folder named Library > Application Support > Adobe > Color > Profile.
  3. Download the PDF export Preset here.
  4. Using InDesign, go to “File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define…”

  5. In the dialogue box select “Load” and choose the downloaded PDF Preset we have provided in Step 3.

  6. Once you select “Done”, you will now see the PDF Preset in your PDF Export dropdown options when your are exporting you document.

If you need additional support please contact your Mitchell Project Coordinator.

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