Mitchell Press welcomes AJ Rai

07/13/17 | Published By Angela Campbell

We would like to welcome our new team member AJ Rai to the Mitchell family, a Vancouver native. AJ comes from an accounting background before he changed focus onto Vancouver’s fast growing tech community. AJ joins the Mitchell DIGITAL and accounts team to support communicators with New Digital Solutions and publication expertise.

With his financial background, AJ was able to transition that knowledge to help SAAS start-up companies reach new market places and new clientele. He has spent the better part of the past 4 years assisting sales teams in various software solutions, from finance based to sales order platforms, and will share his knowledge to educate communicators today on cutting-edge print technology as well as marketing management platforms. AJ says, “Everyone you speak to thinks that print is archaic, however like any other industry it has evolved into so much more and Mitchell has made the advancements to show how these can be accomplished.” AJ goes on to express how Mitchell Press has expanded their reach with new technology which will focus on B2C engagement, with their Digital Store Front. “Adding an insane Digital Capacity, alongside with Design Teams, Mitchell will broaden its scope with insane capabilities to service all their clients in every print need. With run capacities of 1-1,000,000 Mitchell is ready to take the industry by storm.”

AJ keeps busy spending time furthering his knowledge of the tech scene to better understand how the business world keeps evolving. Outside of work AJ is a soccer fanatic as well as a health enthusiast keeping busy in the gym.

Please reach out and say hi [email protected]

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