11/29/23 | Published By Angela Campbell

Landa Nanographic Press – Sealuxe Product Packaging Case Study


Sealuxe is a growing brand of skin care products created using the health benefits of locally harvested seaweed as a key ingredient. Sustainability, consistency, and flexibility were critical to the local brand that is expanding their reach, while looking to leave as light an environmental footprint as possible.

The Opportunity

Sealuxe founder Tanya Droege reached out to Mitchell to help launch her re-branded creative packaging for 18 custom products, all with critical
Pantone® match solids. Consistency was critical, as was problem free folding carton finishing. 

Mitchell shared how their Landa Nanograohic® technology was perfectly suited for the project. Of 18 unique packages, the quantities of each ran as low as 200 to highs 10,000 units depending on projected sales. 

The Result

Two sensitive pastel Pantone® colours were used to identify product lines and remained incredibly accurate and consistent form-to-form and run-to-run utilizing Landa’s expanded gamut CMYKOGB Nanoinks®. 

Being able to leverage both expanded Gamut inking for accurate and consistent colour reproduction and combine multiple short-run SKUs, all at a fractional additional cost is not only achievable, but mandatory in a competitive marketplace. 

We’ve trained ourselves to rethink how to approach multiple versions of short to medium folding-carton runs. It’s as simple as let’s just make each version its own form, it’s just an electronic file at this point so it doesn’t matter about making the job overly complicated. Not to mention, there is no other technology with the same incredible run-to-run colour consistency. 

– Tony Barraclough, Operations Manager

As a sustainability focused company investing in new products and a fresh new look, we need to watch our costs, carbon footprint, and remain flexible enough to adapt to changing market needs. We were able to use the power of Mitchell’s colour control and customization combining multiple unique short-run packages with our mainstay products. This saved time, money, and lives up to our sustainability mandate

– Tanya Droege, Founder

What’s next

Health & wellness brands who rely on appealing custom packaging can take advantage of Mitchell’s technology and experience to generate revenue opportunities that add value to their brand, and cost savings to their bottom line.

Custom editions, test market samples, and special event-based packaging, are all a simple variation away, no longer requiring costly and wasteful setups associated with conventional print technology.

Not only are Nanographic® inks unscented, but they are also “Indirect Food Contact” compliant and have incredible light-fast characteristics.

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