Sustainability Tip Sheet for Designers

06/11/24 | Published By Angela Campbell

Printing your design work doesn’t have to have a large environmental footprint; it all comes down to the choices you make for your project. There are a variety of options available to adopt sustainability into your design, you just might not be aware of them yet. Below are some useful tips for designers looking to reduce their printing impact.

  1. Find a Sustainable Print Partner

Who your print your design project with can make a big difference for the sustainability of the project. Check your printer’s website for their sustainability commitments and read through their most recent Sustainability Report to ensure your values align.

  1. Be Conscious of Your Paper Choice

Paper choice is the single biggest factor when it comes to print sustainability, since the paper used makes up the biggest footprint of your project. Consider swapping to an alternative fibre stock (made from agricultural waste) or incorporating a percentage of recycled content to encourage circularity in the industry.

  1. Choose a Certified Stock

Opt for FSC®-certified stock to ensure the paper you’ve chosen is coming from responsibly managed forests that practice ethical labour standards.

  1. Consider Tree-Neutral Printing

Tree-neutral printing can be achieved by working with a printer that invests in certfiied reforestation to offset the biomass used for paper consumption. Mitchell works with their partner, PrintReleaf, to support certified reforestation projects in forests that need it most around the world. Learn more about Tree-Neutral Printing

  1. Engage your audience in your sustainability commitments

Audiences who increasingly prefer eco-friendly products want to support designers that mirror their values. Call attention to your initiatives in your designs and digital channels to gain trust from clients and promote sustainable behaviours.

Overall, your journey to adopting sustainable solutions for your design project has many options with tangible and measurable environmental outcomes.

Mitchell is recognized as Canada’s Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company; we prioritize sustainable decision-making across our operations and client partnerships. We acknowledge our role in the climate crisis through tracking, improving, and innovating our environmental practices.

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